Features of Viu 2

(current version, updated on 24. October 2013)

  Image Processing
- File browser with Clipboard and Drag&Drop support
- Support of many picture formats
- Freeware!
- Shell context menu support
- Lossless JPEG rotation
- Minimalistic design
- Bookmark your favorite folders and pictures
- Batch resize pictures with sharpening
- Single file, no installation required
- Batch file rename tool
- Add/Remove/Rebuild the embedded thumbnails
- Multi-language support
- Wallpaper creation tool
- User defined tags and comments

License Agreement

Viu 2 is an image viewing/browsing software and it is totally free. You can redistribute it with mention of the author 'Cybercake'. Modifications and cracks (except translations) are not allowed.

Viu 2 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Use it on your own risk.

Berlin, March 11. 2009

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP or higher,
1MB disk space, 512MB memory (1GB recommended for large directory browsing)

Operation Guide

Browsing Mode
Viewing Mode
Arrow Keys
Move the focus
Scroll the current picture if it is zoomed larger than the viewing window
Shift/Ctrl+Arrow Keys Move the focus and select items  
Page Up/Down
Scroll the content
Switch to the next/previous picture
Focus and scroll to the first/last item
Switch to the first/last picture
Select/Deselect the focused item
Switch to the next picture
Plus/Minus (+/-)
Zoom in/out
Star (*)
Zoom fitting the viewing window
Zoom to the original picture size
Esc Deselect all items Deselect picture or switch to the browsing mode or quit Viu 2 if you started by double-clicking on a picture file
Enter View the focused picture or open the selected folder or execute the focused item using the system default operation Switch to the browsing mode
Backspace Switch to the parent folder Switch to the browsing mode
Select all files
Select all files and folders
Edit/Save user tags and comments
Show/Hide user tags and comments
Activate/deactivate floating toolbar
Switch between different Viu 2 windows
Mouse Operations
Left Button Click
Select and focus the item at cursor
Left Double-Click
1. View the focused picture
2. Open the selected folder
3. Execute the focused item using the system default operation
4. Get to the parent directory by double-clicking on the blank area.
Switch to the browsing mode
Ctrl+Left Click
Add/remove item to selection
Start to select on the current picture
Shift+Left Click
Add all items between the focus and the cursor position to selection
Mouse draging with the left button
Drag the selected items to other programs which support Drag&Drop
Scroll the current picture if it is zoomed larger than the viewing window
Mouse draging with the middle button
Move the main window new!
Move the main window new!
Right Button Click Selecting and pop up a context menu Pop up the context menu
Ctrl+Right Button Click Selecting and pop up the Windows context menu  
Mouse Wheel Switch to the next/previous picture
Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out
Right Mouse Button + Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out
There are many more operations and hotkeys not enlisted here. Just look through the menu of Viu 2 for more information.


Viu 2 natively supports the Chinese, English and German language. Other languages could be released as external packages. If you have interest to translate Viu 2 into other languages, please just mail me and ask for the original english text.

Release History

24. October 2013   viu2.0.0.973.beta.zip
It is hard to believe Viu 2 updates have been stopped for two years. Before reviving it I thought Viu 2 would no longer be updated again and I was even not able to setup the development environment any more...The email I received from Viu 2 users in these two year was the reason I reopen this project once again. Thank you for your advices and supports!

This update is about some utility functions e.g. more image size presets and middle-button-dragging. I hope you can find them useful!

02. May 2011   viu2.0.0.955.beta.zip
The bug causing unexpected starting zoom level after switching to another picture is fixed in this release. Except that, some minor GUI errors are also corrected.
30. December 2010   viu2.0.0.950.beta.zip
The bug of text disappearing in some dropdown boxes is now fixed. Additionally as required, a keyboard shortcut "1" is added to the viewer mode, so that users can zoom their pictures to original sizes more conveniently.
19. December 2010   viu2.0.0.944.beta.zip
Some minor bugs fixed.
07. December 2010   viu2.0.0.935.beta.zip
This release fixed the bug in the "floating toolbar" mode that the toolbar will be shown even if the mouse are out of the Viu 2 main window.


Email: cybercake2000@yahoo.de
Viu 2 @ Facebook


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